The State of The World

The things every day people face and live with.

Ian Duncan Smith Your Services Are No Longer Needed AKA We Don’t Need To Work [24/02/14]

Parasite Street – Demonising The Poor Is Demonising The Wrong People [20/02/14]

The Worlds Poor Suffer More And More As The Rich Become $100 Trillion Industry [19/02/14]

A Song Dedicated To The UK – Summing Up The Rain, The Floods, The Social Situation [15/02/14]

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who – Don’t Get Fooled Again [14/02/14]

New Study Confirms Conspiracy Theorists More Sane Than Government Dupes [11/02/14]

The Depressed Generation – Moden Society’s Gift To Its Children [11/02/14]

Society Is Stage Managed, Read How – The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition [08/02/14]

Don’t Obey Rules When You’re Young? You Grow Up To Be A Banker OR The System Challenged By Mini Cheddars [07/02/14]

How To Reduce Poverty? Fix Homes With Paul Pholeros For TED Talks – Something To Think About [02/02/14]

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