The Police State

We’re sleep walking into things we know to be wrong.

America: The Land of The Free? Chemtrails and Links to Alien Intervention On Earth [23/12/13]

Deaths In Police Custody, Consumer Growth and America Jekyll & Hyde [20/12/13]

Unfit Doctors Surgeries and The Police State [17/12/13]

The Case of Mark Duggan and It’s Sad Comment On The Police & A Brain Chip?! [09/12/13]

FREE Energy, The Police State and The Globalist Bankers Insidious Approach To Our Food, Environment and Health [06/12/13]

Corporate News Media Get Scared and The Unstable State of UK Politics [05/12/13]

Pensions Go Up, Paul Walker’s Murder, Mark Duggan Sad New Facts and Food Poverty [05/12/13]

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