Sex Power And Consent, State Media Frenzy Is A Distraction From The EVIL [video]

“The truth when you finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears” Hunter S. Thompson.

The Corporate Whores,  who operate Globally continue to spew out their ‘Bollocks’ concerning consensual adults and sex. Its Smoke from a Volcano and Mirrors on a Solar Energy Farm to distract the masses away from the True victims, Our Children.

As Robert David Steele states in this video ‘ The Truth of what’s been going on in the World will put 99% of the population in Hospital’ Corporate Media’s Directive ‘To lead the folks up the garden path away from the most Heinous Crimes Imaginable and then some………… ‘ The Corporate Media are not only Complicit in these Child Crimes they are also reasonable for facilitating the outcomes. As one Celebrity is quoted as saying in Britain, Janet Street Porter, we believe ( Narrative, Same difference as America)

“Everyone knew the Children were taken into the back of Jimmy Savile’s Rolls Royce, as long as it wasn’t Their Children it was OK”

Example of the Corporate Bollocks the British have to contend with.

Please, kick him where it hurts, if that fails threaten to tell his Mum.

Critical thinkers label Mail on Line garbage the ‘Mushroom Directive’

Happy Days.


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