Ronald Bernard, Former Elite Banker In Part 1 “Revelations Of An Insider” [video]

“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything and everything shown” RH

This is the First video from Ronald Bernard of a Four part series. We also posted this First episode in April of this year. The Fourth video was released a few days ago, hence we thought it expedient to repost the First video and sequentially the next Three, so here we go…………….

These brief comments below, are taken from

This is an important glimpse into the world of the Illuminati control system on our planet. If you missed the first three parts, they’re highly recommended.

This is one way the common man may find cause to believe all the “conspiracy theories” about what has transpired on Earth, and why we are experiencing the drama we are just now. Everything hidden is being revealed.

Thanks for the heads up, Richard. ~ BP

Happy Days.

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