Who Killed President Kennedy And Why? Why, The Federal Reserve Of Course

“The Federal Reserve, First, it’s not Federal and Second its got no Reserves”

Image result for quote jacqueline purcell

The Conspiracy to Murder President JF. Kennedy, is, as usual with most Conspiracy’s ‘Follow the Money’

Bankers are Financial Terrorists. Once again we read in this article by orientalreview.org their modus operandi where President JF. Kennedy is concerned.

No effectual freedoms can exist anywhere in the World, America, Britain, France, South Korea, anywhere, while Central Bankers Create a Sovereign Nations Money Supply. You may Petition, March, Demonstrate, Vote for Whoever/Whenever you like, as Often as you like, Riot even.

Countries, the World is Hegemonized by Central Bankers, who nominate the Politicians, Fact and any single Person or Small Group whom seek to End the Global Dominance of Bankers, will be met with Force.

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff”

Jeff Wells.

Happy Days.

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