Broken Britain: Shadow Chancellor Of The Exchequer John McDonnell Calls On Queen To Release Financial Records Amid Paradise Papers Leaks


“The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If You can fake that you’ve got it made”

Groucho Marx.

We have an Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing in Britain Today and its not going to change until the People rid themselves of the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament, in that order.

Latest estimates of the British Crowns worth is put at £ yet the Queen and Members of the Royal Family receive Benefits from the British Taxpayers to the tune of £213.000.000 per annum. Strange how Society labels images of adults having sex as Pornographic.

Image result for queen tax dodger

 The NHS at Breaking Point, No Funding, Social Care and Mental Health Care in Crisis, then announce this week, 308.000 People in Britain Homeless, we would suggest the Obscenity lays here.

We have a perverse situation in Britain Today where the Economy Supports the Rich, Corporations and Big Business, facilitated by HMRC instead of the other way round.

Image result for queen tax dodger

Happy Days.

More Happy Days.

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