Capitalism ‘Has Been Broken’ Top UK Business Leaders Warn

“Obedience is the collective tissue of oppression”

Many years ago British Industry and Commerce supported the Economy, by way of Taxation and National Insurance contributions. Today the British Economy supports and subsidises Business and Corporations

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This particular essay concerning Child Poverty comes as no surprise., there are many Hundreds of incidences today in Britain where the very fabric of Society is Collapsing through Lack of Funding, NHS, Social Care, Mental Health, we could fill this page. These effect have been brought about by Governments and HMRC deliberate intent to Safeguard Business and Corporations from Tax in Britain by manipulating the Tax Laws of the Nation to Benefit the Rich, after all is said and done, the Working Man/Woman, the Poor and Destitute are Easy Targets for Tax Collecting.

‘Deliberate intent to manipulate the Tax Laws to Benefit the Rich’ “Conspiracy” you reply, If Only we answer, here’s one of many Conspiracies by HMRC for all to read.

 Three example of Corporate Immorality, which are not just perverse, they’re downright Pornographic.

Another HMRC facilitation of a Proliferate Corporation, Amazon.

A Whole Bunch of Tax Avoiders.

Number Three  eBay

Please dont mention your ignorance, foolishness or duplicity by informing us that Taxes are Paid on Profits, not Turnover and in the Country were said Business is Registered. If you believe for one moment, this form of Accountancy is Acceptable, we would assume your One of the 1%.

John McDonnell, the Labour Party, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer has stated that he know of at least 1000 companies and corporations who actively practise Tax Avoidance  in the UK, as does HMRC.

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Happy Days.

More, Happy Days.

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