Astroturfing And Media Manipulation Compromise Truthful Information [video’s]

“They must find it difficult…Those who have taken authority as the truth…rather than truth as the authority”

Gerald Massey-Egyptologist.

Image result for quote elvis sunshine

Therein lies the problem (Above Quote) Folks trying to access truth and reality via the TV News, are presented with Lies, Innuendo and ‘Fake News’

Mark Twain summed up the disinformation protocol set in place by the ‘Elites’ during the 19/20 Th Century, with this Quote, below

” If you don’t read the newspaper your uninformed. If you read the newspapers your misinformed”

The only real change is the format into which the indoctrination and propaganda is presented to the people in the present day.

Enough from us, as the article from is both informative and contains Four Excellent Video’s.

Footnote. The only time one need assess Wikipedia is to check, to see if it’s finally been ‘Taken Down’

Happy Days.

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