Nazis: Things You Might Not Know

We mentioned previously about the trend for dark uniforms and the police link, and linked it back to the Nazis.  We will seek to prove at Robin Hood that the same dark forces that ran the Nazis 70 years ago are the same dark forces behind the elites, globalists, new world order,  whatever name you choose to call them.  We know this dark force as the Globalist Bankers.

During the last few months of the 2nd World war over 100,000 high ranking Nazis escaped Germany with the help of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.  These facts are well documented by the way and include the escape of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, being the most high profile of the Nazis.  Roughly half of the Nazis went to South America the other half going to the USA.  The Nazis who developed the V1 and V2 Bombs went to the USA  this group also had a name change today we know them as NASA.  There’s a lot more on the Catholic Church to follow.

Although the name has been changed as well as the methods they used to murder their victims there are far more people being wantonly killed today, Friday 1st of November 2013, than the Nazis dreamed of.  You are being killed, culled, exterminated – it’s just that most people don’t know yet.

The truth however is rapidly being revealed to the world and the speed of discovery, waking up, education and enlightenment is ever increasing!  Many wonders will be revealed to humanity and the truth told will be told.  All that is hidden will be revealed whether the dark forces want it to or not.

One name we will not tag them with is the Illuminati.  That name indicates “one who is enlightened”.  These beings may have the hidden knowledge but to act as they do is anything but “enlightened”.  We understand that the last few paragraphs contain some quite startling revelations to some people; others already know the information to be fact.  Adolf Hitler we shall come back to, it’s important at this time to deal with the present.

“The bigger the lie the more people believe it”

– Adolf Hitler

While writing about all this darkness sometimes, just sometimes we forget about the light, and then a song springs to mind.

Take a look at the video and play it loud.  The song as true today as it was in 1986.  It has a feel good energy, the energy that is finally going to end this dark force that seeks to control us.

Love and Light, I am my brother’s keeper.

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